Monday, January 29, 2007

Again With The Burning

Playa Del Rey, CA

A woman's burning body was discovered in the 8100 block of Tuscany Avenue Friday by a construction worker.

The woman was nude except for a camouflage jacket. The upper part of her body was on fire.

We get a rash of burnings every once in a while. At least enough to make it to the evening news.

What makes this one interesting is where and when it happened. The body was discovered during the day on Friday. Early enough that there were no witnesses. The fire's spread led the discoverer of the body to believe that the fire had been recently set.

For those of you who don't know, Playa Del Rey is a fairly affluent community close to the beach. Especially that particular spot in Playa. You can't tell from the map, but those are million dollar+ homes on a bluff overlooking the Ballona Wetlands (what's left of them) and Marina Del Rey.

Needless to say it's not something that goes on very often there. No identity released, yet, and residents don't believe she's from the area.

So somebody had the balls to dump her in an expensive neighborhood that doesn't exactly have easy access in or out, light her on fire and take off.

Or maybe not. Could be a local did it. Panicked killers do stupid things, after all.


anne frasier said...

wow. creepy as hell, yet what a plot. the fact that it happened in such a wealthy area brings up so many questions.

Patrick Shawn Bagley said...

What an opening scene for a novel...

Elizabeth Krecker said...


That's terrifying.

And...I'm sending The Teenager to L.A. because?

Oh yeah. He wants to make movies about stories like this.

Chip off the old block.

Patrick Shawn Bagley said...


L.A. will be a good learning experience for your son. He'll either make it out there or come running home with his tail between his legs like, uh...I did.

But I'm still using my short time there as story fodder 20 years later.

Stephen Blackmoore said...

So long as he stays away from the white powder drugs he'll be fine.