Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Hope The Twenty Minutes Was Worth It

Los Angeles, CA

On August 21, between 9:10 and 9:30 am, the traffic lights in a handful of intersections that get, and this is a technical term, a fuckload of traffic were turned off. Why? Well, that's what the city's asking Gabriel Murillo, 37, and Kartik Patel, 34, city engineers who were on shift at the time and allegedly hacked into the city's Automated Traffic Surveillance Center, shutting off the lights and locking out other managers from turning them back on.
Traffic was affected at Sky Way and World Way at Los Angeles International Airport; Coldwater Canyon and Riverside Drive; Alvarado Street and Glendale Boulevard at Berkeley Avenue; and First and Alameda Streets.
Funny thing, that's the day that members of the Engineers and Architects Association, the union that represents the city's engineers, like Murillo and Patel, were holding a demonstration for an increase in wages.

I wonder if there's a connection.

Here's the thing unions and their members have to understand about Los Angeles. By all means protest. Bring your case to the people. Show us your side and we will be compassionate and caring and listen to your needs. We will stand beside you and call you our brothers and sisters in arms. Yes, you should get more money. Yes, the workers at the DWP got a ridiculously high raise that fucked you and all the rest of the city unions over. But know this-


How you mentally deficient fucktards cannot grasp that ONE simple fact is beyond me. People spend more time in transit here than in almost any other place on the goddamn planet. What the hell makes you think that adding more time to our commute is going to sway us to your cause?



Anonymous said...

You are one stupid lame moron who has nothing better to do than read a police blotter and create something out of nothing. What's the matter, can't hack it as a real journalist?

inkgrrl said...

As opposed to an anonymous commenter who can do nothing to make an actual point save froth at the mouthparts and toss around what sadly must pass for actual insults in somebody's little world?