Monday, January 22, 2007

Sign of The Apocalypse - LAPD Plays Nice With Others

Torrance, CA

Back in December, 14-year-old Cheryl Green, was shot for being black in the Latino neighborhood around 204th street, which is run by, you guessed it, the 204th Street Gang. The men responsible are being charged with murder with the special circumstances of a hate crime.

Last week, a truce was supposedly brokered with the 204th Street Gang to try to curb some of the violence. I have problems with it, but I won't get into it here because I ranted about it at length over at LA Voice.

Anyway, so there's this truce announced, right? Something to maybe keep the guys from 204th from blowing away any more black children who happen to cross on the wrong side of the street. Big sacrifice on their part, apparently.

Only problem is that no one from 204th shows up.

Oh my god! Big fucking shocker there.

Funny thing is that this has gotten a LOT of local press. And if it gets a lot of local press here, it's going to get a lot of local press everywhere else in the nation. So, if you're reading this from Des Moines, Philadelphia or Anchorage, you may have actually heard about this.

And that's bad for 204th Street.

Why? Because of this:
On Thursday Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, Chief Bratton, Sheriff Baca, and FBI Director Robert Muller along with other local leaders, vowed to put the 204th Street gang out of business.
In and of itself, that might not be cause to worry. Until there's action it's all just rhetoric.

Thing is, too many people know about this. They've embarassed politicians. They pissed in the Mayor's Cheerios. They upset Chief Bratton. So much so that, and this is the part that's grabbed my attention, the LAPD wants to play nice with others.
Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies and Torrance police officers working side-by-side with LAPD officers. Los Angeles Unified School District police will share intelligence that they glean from activities in schools. Agents from the FBI, BATF, and the DEA will provide intelligence, electronic and visual surveillance support as well.
The LAPD and LASD have had the kind of long running relationship that usually ends in tears, broken dishes and someone sleeping on the couch. And nobody likes the Feds.

So, yeah, this may end up being more noise. Villaraigo's known for talk. But you don't see the LAPD announcing that they're going to work with other agencies very often.

The city can tolerate a lot of violence, but a 14-year-old black girl shot for just being a 14-year-old black girl is something that destroys political careers. It's Especially if that career has eyes on the Governorship and a Presidential run some day.

I'm looking forward to the fireworks.


Elizabeth Krecker said...

Fascinating. In Phoenix, no one likes to share the spotlight wtih anyone else. Kind of hard with Sheriff Joe grabbing most of it anyway.

And everyone likes to point fingers and position themselves as the one finally turning the city around because he or she is the FIRST to be "tough on crime."

It will be fascinating to see how this shakes out for L.A.

Elizabeth Krecker said...

P.S. You're getting some great ads. "2-way mirrors and spy cams"