Tuesday, February 06, 2007

'Cause I'm A Sucker For "Provocative Violence"

Rob Gregory Brown's new book, "Kiss Her Goodbye" is on the shelves today.

Here's what PW says about it
Provocative violence, a colorful Chicago background and a dollop of the supernatural lift Browne's debut thriller. ATF agent Jack Donovan almost captures his nemesis, ruthless gangster Alex Gunderson, during a bank robbery. Gunderson's amoral pregnant wife, Sara, is shot in the ensuing chase, leaving her in a coma. Gunderson seeks revenge by kidnapping Donovan's teenage daughter, Jessica, and burying her in a coffin with enough air for three days. As the tension builds, a vainglorious Chicago cop shoots the kidnapper, who dies without revealing Jessica's whereabouts. Browne's experience as a screenwriter shows as he shorthands the parallels between the anarchic Gunderson and straight-arrow Donovan, both of whom are single-minded and personally loyal. Elements of the supernatural, including out-of-body experiences, provide humorous relief from the breathtaking pace.
Well, sign me up.

Glad to see the new book out, Rob. Can't wait to get hold of a copy.


Brett Battles said...

I've read it and it rocks!

RobGregoryBrowne said...

Thanks, Stephen -- and thanks, Brett!

I'll send your money as soon as it comes in.