Monday, March 26, 2007

And They Said Punk Was Dead

Studio City, CA

Anthony Lovato, former singer of the punk band Mest, which broke up last year, is being held on a million bucks bail for allegedly stabbing Wayne Hughes, who it seems was dating Lovato's ex-girlfriend.

According to Lieutenant Andrew Neiman
"He did in fact call the police, call 911, after the incident and remained on the scene (to) surrender himself," he said.
Surrendered? Oh. Maybe punk's dead, after all.

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Family said...

No Punk isn't dead, Wayne Hughes is dead. Speaking as a family member who is suffering from this death, we don't think Punk deserves any attention. We are all hurting from the loss of Wayne never getting to laugh with us, have fun with us or give us one of his great big hugs. We suffer from this loss and that his little girl will never be able to call him daddy agaom. Life and Death those are the choices we see and wish we could choose LIFE for Wayne right now. Forever is our hearts and minds.