Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Speaker For The Dead

Los Angeles, CA

I know I've mentioned thsi before, but I can't help but being struck by L.A. Times reporter, Jill Leovy's Homicide Report again and again. At times controversial, but, not only fascinating, necessary. How many others have been brave enough to place a face and a history to a victim? How many have been willing to pursue these people's lives and last moments, or the banal details of their killings without a judgment on who they were?

Certainly not me. I mean, come on, I presume you've read some of my rants by now, right?

Most killings in Los Angeles have few names and fewer faces. Every death leaves a gaping hole in someone else's life. As it should leave a hole in all our lives. If you live in this town, please, take a good, long look. We can't fix a problem until we truly understand the extent of it. The Homicide Report is a good start.

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Hulles said...

Very nice. Thanks.