Wednesday, April 25, 2007

School Days

Los Angeles, CA

Bolstering my theory that this shit hits the media more when unrelated school disasters strike, we have two education related (by an extreme stretch of imagination, so work with me here) stories today.

Back on the 19th a student at Salesian High found a letter threatening violence against students and faculty that would take place on April 24th.

Well, the 24th came and went and nothing happened. Possibly because a suspect was arrested the day before.

See, this is what happens when you send your kids to private school. They learn how to read and write threatening letters. Drop 'em back into the LAUSD where they can get a more useful education in, say, meth dealing.

Speaking of which, Zao Xing Yang, a 19-year-old USC student, was at a party near campus Saturday night when he started making threats toward a young lady, after which he was asked to leave. Could have been the end of it, except that Yang had a gun.

A load of students dropped him and kept him under wraps until the cops could show up. The next day LAPD hit his apartment and found a safe with meth ready for sale, several hundred in cash, and a pretty .44 magnum revolver.

Mr. Yang is being held without bail on a firearms charge, and the DA's office is looking to nail him on possession of unregistered firearms, possession of illegal narcotics for sale and, get this, making terrorist threats.

Okay, I'm having trouble with this last one. What exactly qualifies as a terrorist threat and what the hell did he say?

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goblinbox said...

A friend of mine was arrested for terrorism last year, in a convenience store, three days after muttering "I should blow this place up," at the DMV. True story.

Moral: it's all terrorism. And don't let those bitches at the DMV hear you badmouthing them!