Thursday, April 19, 2007

Well, At Least It's Not Imported

Diamond Bar, CA & Phelan, CA

In this day of E Coli infections from bad spinach, spring freezes destroying farms throughout the nation, and infected food shipped in from foreign lands, it's nice to know that at least some crops are doing fantastic business right here in the Southland.

Now if only the cops would stop finding them.

In the last few months, several indoor marijuana farms have been discovered in suburban homes. Two seemingly connected ones in the town of Phelan near Victorville and one in Diamond Bar, are the latest in this string of arrests.

Now, I'm all for legalizing certain drugs. Most of them, in fact. Making something illegal doesn't stem the demand, and as Prohibition showed us, that just makes it more lucrative. Lucrative + illegal = St. Valentine's Day Massacre.

I'm waiting for the day they outlaw cigarettes. Anybody want to be a Tobacco Kingpin?


Patrick Shawn Bagley said...

I'm waiting for the prohibition of fatty foods. Then I'm gonna be the kingpin of bacon double cheeseburgers.

David Terrenoire said...