Friday, May 18, 2007

Here's An Idea, Try Locking The Door

Hollywood, CA

Most home invasion robberies occur when someone breaks in, forces entry after a door has been opened by an occupant, or done by people who know the occupants.

But then sometimes they just walk in the front door.
The suspects entered through the unlocked front door of the bungalow in the 2100 block of Prospect Trail about 11:30 Wednesday...
Unlocked front door. Okay, yes, this is not good. No one should have to have their home burglarized. But for god's sake, people, this is L.A. Lock the fucking door.

Now, I'm sure this was a matter of casing the joint first. The place was at the top of a steep hill and long flight of stairs and doesn't sound like a spur of the moment snatch and grab. It was on a street off the side of Laurel Canyon. When I say "steep", I mean damn near vertical. With next to no parking. Seems they had to walk their ill-gotten gains down the hill.

What fascinates me about these things is all the things I don't know. The choices made that lead to an event like this. Did they know the occupant? How long were they planning it? Why this place? It's not exactly accessible. Were they looking for something specific? Why was the door unlocked?

Good fiction is built on less.

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Michelle said...

You know, I've been leaving my fucking door unlocked for YEARS now, hoping someone will break in and take a bunch of my shit away. Homeowner's insurance pays better than a garage sale, ya know. We're on a culdesac, but damn...just a couple of turns and you have your choice of two major streets that lead to three freeways in less than a mile...AND we've got RV parking, not to mention not a hill in sight. Oh, and sonny-boy across the street is a meth head, and until he went to jail last year had all his meth head idiot buddies over all the time.

Wassup with that? Do I need to make up a sign INVITING these bozos over? Wouild that void my insurance?