Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Them's Some Nice Shootin', Tex

Los Angeles, CA

Sergeant Pedro Torres, 40, of the 77th, responded to a radio call around 4 A.M. Seems three guys had tossed an unconscious, naked woman into the back of their van and were about to leave. After ordering them to exit the vehicle they chose instead to drive away.

Sergeant Torres made the choice to shoot at their tires. Ballsy choice.

You ever try to shoot out a tire on a moving vehicle? They do it in the movies all the time, but it ain't easy, even from a stationary position. It's not big, it's moving away rapidly and if you miss, you run the risk of hitting someone in the car.

He didn't miss.

Good shot, Sergeant.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks, Steven.

-Peter Torres