Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Case For Bulletproof Greaves

Los Angeles, CA

Spend enough time around firearms or pubescent boys and eventually you'll hear the phrase "accidental discharge". This is bad.

By way of example, let's look at Officer Peter Lee, 42, a fifteen year veteran of the LAPD, who was struck in the back of the knee when Officer Hector Villanueva's weapon had an "accidental discharge" while preparing for a training exercise.

Villanueva picked up the wrong gun, a loaded Glock instead of the blank firing, practice pistol and was pointing it in the wrong direction when he went to test it.


Firearms classes are kind of like car races. They only get exciting when somebody does something stupid. A friend of mine's dad was a safety instructor at a range years ago and shot himself in the foot when his rifle accidentally went off during a class. Much sturm und drang, as one would expect. They managed to save his foot, but I think it shattered his big toe, or something. Or maybe it was just his dignity.

Officer Lee is, thankfully, in stable condition and Officer Villanueva, I suspect, is mightily embarrassed.

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Mad Science said...

I read a thing years ago where a cop accidentally shot and killed himself during a safety course while demonstrating how 2 weeks prior another guy had accidentally shot and killed himself.

Really sad...but kinda funny...