Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Goofy Hat's Movin' Down

Ladera Heights, CA

He used to be be known as The Pershing Square Bandit. O, how the mighty have fallen.

William Vance Turner, 56, was arrested Wednesday on suspicion of being The Goofy Hat Bandit, named for his poor taste in headwear and penchant for robbing banks. During the nineties he served 9 years for robbery after hitting a bunch of banks in Pershing Square, hence his previous name.

Turner was still on probation during his latest stint of robberies, and was recognized by a probation officer. Guess those hats weren't fooling anyone.

All told, he's suspected of hitting about 40 banks as the Goofy Hat. He hit about 30 as The Pershing Square Bandit. Prolific bastard, ain't he?

Have fun in prison, Bill. Stick with Pershing Square. Guys named Goofy Hat get beat up.

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