Wednesday, June 06, 2007

I Knew They Could Write, But They Can Talk, Too?

Brett Battles and the pretentiously named Rob Gregory Browne, are a couple of writers. Rob's debut novel, "Kiss Her Goodbye", came out recently and Brett's novel, "The Cleaner", comes out later this month.

Oddly enough, they actually seem to know what they're doing. Who'da thunk? Both books are fantastic, compelling and all around better to read than use as doorstops. I highly recommend you pick these up. They're worth it.

And I wouldn't lie to you. Unless I was getting paid, of course. And getting so much as a thin dime out of these cheap bastards is like milking stone.

Anyway, not content to merely write books, Brett and Rob have decided to let their collective know-how leak into the aether via a series of podcasts on their website,

Today's installation, "Character Is King", is about, surprise, characters. Specifically, ideas on creating compelling characters in your writing. Take a listen.

And should you feel up for it, you can subscribe to their weekly podcast here.


Brett Battles said...

Thanks, Stephen...I think...

One thing... it's

That's browne with an "e" to go with the pretentious theme.

Stephen Blackmoore said...

Thanks for the correction, Kemo Sabe. It has been updatimcated and all that good stuff.

Brett Battles said...

You are a saint.

Well...not really. I've actually met you so I know that's not true.