Friday, June 15, 2007

Smacking Down The Rollin' 20s

Long Beach, CA

Six of ten people suspected of involvement with the Rollin' 20s Crips gang have been arrested in a series of raids for drug trafficking. Of the remaining four, one is already in state prison, and the other three are still out there.

Now, this isn't your typical drug raid. It wasn't designed to disrupt the flow of drugs as much as it was the flow of cash. These ten people are considered some of the linchpins in the Rollin' 20s drug trade, which is what they use for funding. Essentially, the Feds hit 'em in the wallet.

There are about 400 different gangs throughout the Southland, with about 39,000 documented members. Most of them are small, neighborhood based groups whose territory covers only a small area. Not all of them are engaged in the kind of criminal activity that Rollin' 20s are. You know, murder, drugs, weapons trafficking, that sort of thing.

Thing is, just like governments, companies and terrorist groups, they can't do anything without cash.

This won't bring them down, obviously. These groups are far too resilient for that. But it should put a cramp on their style.

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Anonymous said...

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