Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Why Use A Door When A Sledgehammer Will Do?

Santa Clarita, CA

Back in the 19th Century there was a guy, Adam Worth, who Conan Doyle is said to have used as the template for Sherlock Holmes' nemesis, Moriarty, the Napoleon of Crime. In one of his earliest jobs, he set up shop with a fake storefront advertising various patent medicines. He and his crew then spent the next few months tearing out the wall of their storage room.

Which just happened to butt up against the bank vault next door.

Two hundred years later, following in the footsteps of, if not greatness then at least stubborn doggedness, three people broke into an AT&T store in Santa Clarita by breaking into a storage room next door and tunneling through the wall. They stole an undisclosed number of phones.

Phones. Not cash, not the Mona Lisa. Phones.

I swear, I have no respect for criminals these days.

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Christa M. Miller said...

Unless they're planning to use them to make IEDs. Still, how many do you really need? Even with the limits on purchases, you could get 10 from Wal-Mart, 10 from Best Buy, 10 from Circuit City... whatever the limit is. Apparently, L.A.'s would-be terrorists are cheap bastards.