Sunday, July 29, 2007

Of Stupid Men And Little Girls

Santa Monica, CA

Jack McClellan likes little girls. Just ask him. He's been very public about it. For a few years he ran a Seattle based site called Seattle-Tacoma-Everett Girl Love giving out tips on where best to find little girls to take pictures. The site was shut down by his host but he has been able to put a new one together.

Now, here's the thing. He hasn't actually done anything illegal. He isn't wanted for anything, isn't accused of anything. Just really likes little girls, and is happy to share ideas about older men and little girls. Because he's not a sex offender, he can go to kid friendly events and places to take pictures. Of little girls. Which isn't actually illegal. Got all that?

Well, someone recognized him in the children's section of the Santa Monica Public Library last week. Seems they got a picture, too. And a car and a license plate.

And so the police, as police will do, put out a bulletin on him.

He's not happy about that.

Now, I'm conflicted here. Yes, he admits to being a pedophile and has possibly done harm just in passing tips about how best to get close to little girls. But he hasn't done anything illegal. So, did the police step out of line?

Well, I'm not that conflicted. Yeah, I'll admit they stepped out of line. But look, Jack, you're a fucking moron. You go around posting pictures of girls on your website and admit to getting off on it. What the hell did you expect?


pattinase (abbott) said...

You have to wonder if he got just what he wanted. Notoriety without having to pay a price.
Since it's supposed to be an almost irresistable urge, you also have to wonder if he really has such an urge or just like to conduct the orchestra.

Elizabeth Krecker said...
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Elizabeth Krecker said...

You're right. This is a quandary.

The writer in me shudders to think of the potential for infringement on constitutional rights.

The mother in me contemplates weapons of mass destruction, torture, dungeons, and all manner of activities that would most likely put ME in prison for life for defending the honor and well-being of countless unknown little girls.

And the mother in me can't help but applaud the police officers.

Something's sure wrong here.

KGreene said...

Here's the truly most moronic irony of it all. He doesn't want HIS picture posted because he will now be hunted and in danger. And yet, he openly published the pictures of hundreds of unknowing CHILDREN who very well may now be hunted and in danger. When will our country wake up and realize that our children are our most precious resource, and we need to PROTECT them.

Anonymous said...

I saw this idiot (wearing sunglasses and a big hat I swear I saw in the women's section at least not the girl's section I guess) on TV several months ago. I kinda got a good look at his face, anyway. Fool. All I know is that at that moment I knew that if I ever saw his sorry ass with a camera within 100 yards of my 3-year-old I'd be doing something to him that I'm pretty certain IS illegal. He said he left Seattle because of death threats. Gee, I wonder why.

You know, I remember when people were afraid to take "naked baby pictures" of their kids in a bathtub - nothing sinister or pornographic, mind you - just good blackmail fodder when they start dating - yet some guy takes pictures of clothed children and posts them on a site that touts the photos as pornographic in nature AND encourages others to do the same, yet it is considered perfectly legal? I think this is just proof of how obscenity laws are so vague. In all honestly, due to the context in which these photos are used, I'd have to consider them child pornography. If he had kept his stupid yap shut no one would know, but since he's open about it, I figure its just as bad as dry-humping a little girl standing in line at a bus stop. Thank god we just left southern CA. Just keep him down there, would ya?

Graham Powell said...

I'm conflicted about this as well, because 1) I am not in favor of vigilante justice, which too often gets the wrong people, and 2) if I saw him taking pictures of my daughter, I would probably end up committing a crime.

SzélsőFa said...

I think the police was just right. Pedophiles should not advertise themselves and get along with it. Into prison with him, let him do some hard work. Let him be useful for society.

Sorry for the rant, my girl is 7, my son is 10. they might be endangered by some morons out there.