Thursday, August 30, 2007

I Don't Think That's What She Meant By "Burn For You"

Valley Village, CA

Jayni Antonio Walters is a passionate man. So passionate that he's been arrested for allegedly threatening to kill his last girlfriend's new boyfriend and setting fire to her new beau's apartment.

He's being charged on five counts of making criminal threats, arson, and burglary in connection with a June 23rd fire that took out an apartment unit that, fortunately, no one was in at the time. I suppose it's not a big leap for a guy previously convicted of robbery and battery with a restraining order on him that he seems to have violated.

He's a keeper, that one. So, ladies, if you've really lowered your standards, give him a call. He's sitting in the Twin Towers lockup, and unless he can come up with the 650K in bail money, he ain't goin' anywhere soon.

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Anonymous said...

I know a couple of co-workers I'd like to hook him up with....