Wednesday, August 15, 2007

If You Can't Trust The Guards, Who Can You Trust?

Westminster, CA

This has got to be one of the more well executed, ballsy, and just plain brilliant plans I've heard in a while. Nobody got shot. Nobody got hurt. In fact, nobody'd even known they'd been robbed for at least half an hour.

Two men from Dunbar Security showed up at the Anh Minh Money Transfer in Little Saigon yesterday to pick up the money they pick up every day. Only, they weren't from Dunbar.

The fake duo arrived on the same day that money pickups are normally scheduled -- although 30 minutes earlier than usual -- and they were clad in the typical black uniforms that Dunbar employees wear, Woodson said.

They left in a red stretch Ford Econoline van with the words "Dunbar Security" emblazoned on the sides, Woodson said.

The duo made off with $405K. Wasn't until the real Dunbar guards showed up that they realized they'd been duped.

Smart guys. If they're really smart, they won't try this again for a veeeeeery long time. And they'll have gotten the van painted by now and parked in an underground garage far, far away.

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Mike Sperry said...

Dunbar & Associates.
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