Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Whatever You Do, Don't Kill The Dog

Los Angeles, CA

There's an axiom in writing that you don't kill a dog. You can murder children, rape nuns and nail budgies to trees, but you never fuck with the dog. Makes readers go rabid. Almost as much as screwing up details on guns.

Real life, however, doesn't work that way.

Keith Chung, 41, was arrested after police found a schnauser in his freezer. He was hit on suspicion of felony animal cruelty in the beatings of two dogs, and felony possession of an opiate. I wonder if his being a pharmacist might have something to do with that last one.

Regardless of whether this one is true or not, it has some political overtones. The arrest was announced at the same time District Attorney Steve Cooley announced a crackdown on animal related crimes. With dogfighting in the news and recent reports of pit bulls mauling ground-skeet poodles and such, I'm sure there's a lot of public noise on this sort of thing. Nobody (well, okay, maybe me) wants to see Fluffy's tail dangling from a pit-bull's mouth. Or a 41-year-old pharmacist's for that matter.

I mean, the freezer? What, was he saving it for a snack? Dude's got some issues.

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Steven said...

Hey! Lay off the budgies!

I'm not sure the rule about dogs is iron-clad - I think it refers to pets mostly. For instance, the burglar who neutralizes guard dogs or the cop who has to kill a pit bull with a child in its mouth (the dog's mouth, not the cop's...).

Not sure, though.