Monday, August 20, 2007

What's A Seven Letter Word For Alcoholic, Incestuous, Pedophile, Rapist?

Riverside, CA


Albert Cabrera, 48, a dentist in Riverside, has been charged with incest and raping a person under the influence of a controlled substance. Seems he, his teenage daughter and the girl's stepmother had gone out for dinner, came back home and started drinking. A lot. Until the young lady became ill and went to the bathroom to be sick.

She states that she remembers seeing her father in the bathroom with her, and then waking up in her bedroom with her father having sex with her. She later confronted Al in a telephone call taped by the Riverside Sheriff's Department where not only did he not deny any of it, he threw out this little gem:
The defendant instead alleged the girl had been sending him signals and "perhaps wanted to have sex with him as a way of father-daughter bonding," documents said.
Your own daughter? Talk about rationalization.

Yeah, this is just the guy you want knocking you out for a root canal.


Anonymous said...

Too crazy...bunch of sick f@#$ in this world!

Anonymous said...

Crazy! However, the Dr. was set-up, and his daughter from a previous relationship was very angry toward him and conspired with his domestic partner, Carmen Valeria Miranda (DL#D1398165) for the Doctor's capital. Now that's crazy!

Anonymous said...

Doctor Albert Cabrera y carmen valeria miranda, aida Rocha, y Evelyn cometieron couspiracia contra el doctor Alberto Cabrera mintiendo contra el para robarle todos sus bienes. El es inocente.

Anonymous said...

Noticas referente a Doctor Albert Cabrera Carmen Valeria Miranda y su mama Aida Rocha con Evelin cometieron crimen de conspiracia mintiendo contra el Doctor Albert Cabrera para robarle sus bienes.

justice said...

where was step mommy carmen when all this was taking place????
albert has been known to lie on the stand before.
c'mon now, this is just as sick as it gets...

Anonymous said...

Albert ,do u remember when you ,carmen and your dear sweet neighbors lied on the stand & that girl went to jail for a crime she didn't do? ~she was innocent~!!
you swore to tell the truth ,the whole truth & nothing but the truth, so help you GOD.
for ALL of you involved in this case when albert and carmen blamed the wrong girl for breaking into his does it make ALL of you that lied on that stand, feel that she went to jail for a crime she didn't do?
even the judge knew something wasnt right.
you can trust, karma always comes back to bite.

MBA-MsBadAss said...

Wow! This is the stuff that Novellas are made from! Unfortunately it’s real life and Dr. Cabrera (or just Cabrera because he will soon be stripped of his “Dr.”) has been found real GUILTY by a court of law.
And it WAS NOT the so-called “set-up” by his daughter and his domestic partner for Cabrera’s capital (this guy is so broke he had a public-defender!) that got him CONVICTED! Rather, it was very tangible and truthful evidence that convicted him! Read the court minutes yourself:

Karma is a bitch, and Cabrera will soon be a bitch too! Bubba’s cell bitch! OUCH!

MBA-MsBadAss said...

Whoever wrote the second comment posted DOES NOT know “Dr. Rapist” very well. I wager that whoever stated that:"..the Dr. was set-up, and his daughter from a previous relationship…and conspired with his domestic partner, Carmen Valeria Miranda...for the Doctor's capital..." is not an accountant! Dr. Rapist does not have and never will have any capital! Why you ask? Because Dr. Rapist has a dozen kiddies (scary thought!) from several different women and is ALWAYS BROKE from paying out child & spousal support! Listen, Dr. Rapist used a public defender at his rape trail! With his ass on the line, do you think a man who has capital would use a public defender OR would he hire the best damn defense lawyer money could buy (Johnnie Cochran he needed you!)?
You do the math:



Anonymous said...

I am appalled to see and read this!!! I knew Albert in college and was even his roommate at one time. I can assure you that he loves pussy but I highly doubt he would EVER do something of this nature to one of his own children. That just seems out of his realm but then again I lost contact with him for many years. I can only pray that this is not true. Albert is better than this!!

Anonymous said...

Information directly from the transcripts [CT's,RT's] of the Court show that the justice system used Cabrera's defense attorney Chris Wagner of Temecula to prosecute him, in similar way to Dorner's case. Cabrera paid $ Wagner to defend him but prosecuted instead, under protection of CORRUPT Judge Paul Dickerson, III of Murrieta.
At arrival at the house Jane testified she played pool with Valeria, cousin Miguel and Cabrera and had one more beer(RT 58-59.) Jane testified that all three had dinner at a restaurant and also had 4 beers each. Jane testified that the peak of the effect of the 4 beers with food was at 10pm when she felt "BUZZED"(RT 82-83.) CORRUPT Defense attorney Wagner Pushed Jane to admit intoxication & blacked out BUT Jane did NOT know how to lie. Wagner: "So that one beer really pushed you over the top didn't it? That one beer really made you buzzed, blacked out and intoxicated didn't it? That one you had at the house?(RT 84.) Jane did not know how to lie and said "It didn't--I don't think that beer pushed me over" (RT 84.) Jane was lured & coerced by Valeria into a false accusation for a sum of money after her DUI convition, she recanted her accusation but CORRUPT Wagner did not reveal it in trial. Jane: "He's my father, I don't want to betray him. He's is not a bad person. I feel like I'm ruining his life" (CT236-240.) There is NO DNA in this case (RT674,629.)
Dishonest DA Shumate introduced false evidence & fabricated evidence together with Wagner, under the protection of CORRUPT Judge Dickerson,III. Dishonest Judge even told the Jury that it was ok to communicate with him via a note during deliberations, a NO,NO under any person's constitutional rights. Dickerson,III: "When you go to the jury room if you need to communicate with me send me a note through my deputy" (RT 689-690.) An accused has the sacred constitutional right to confront or cross-examine the accuser, but this CORRUPT Dickerson,III prevented Cabrera from cross-examining Jane through dishonest Wagner. Code of Judicial ethics Canon 1(6) states: "Judge who does not promote confidence in judiciary and who prevents a defendant from cross-examining his accuser warrants removal from office."