Thursday, August 09, 2007

Writin' Stuff

My Wonderful Wife(tm), who is a genius in all things (except perhaps her choice in life partner), has sent me this, a link to Duotrope's Digest, a searchable database of print and electronic markets that you can search through based on some simple criteria. Certainly easier to use than that crap from Writer's Digest.

You may already know about it and are probably saying right now, "Stephen (because you'd use my first name, us being on such intimate terms - after all, don't you remember that week in Paris or the times running guns in Algiers? Tell me you haven't forgotten, baby.), I've known about this for years. Why are you telling us this now?"

To which I'd reply, "Shut the hell up or I'll take out your other knee. Now where the fuck's the heroin? Don't make me break out the bolt cutters."

And it comes at an excellent time, as I've just had two short stories accepted for publication in the last week and am trying to unload my backlog find a home for some more of my stuff.

Check it out. Doing a search on print and electronic markets for mystery yields 77 results, some closed (but they tell you that) and some I recognize and have even been lucky enough to have my work in. Some of them even pay.


pattinase (abbott) said...

I use dutrope all the time. Invaluable.

angie said...

Well, it's new to me and looks very, very fab. Weird thing is, I was just digging around trying to find this exact info a few days ago. Thanks, dude! Or, y'know, thank your wife for me...