Saturday, September 29, 2007

You Just Can't Get Good Help These Days

Highland, CA

Margaret Draper, 47, is in the midst of a bad divorce. And I mean bad. Really bad. Bad enough she tries to hire a killer to take him out. Goes so far as setting up the plot, and paying the guy a boatload of money to do it.

Pity he was a cop.

This country's really going downhill. If you can't trust your locally hired hitmen, who can you trust?


pattinase (abbott) said...

Was this a sting then? Had word gotten around she was looking to hire a hitman?

Anonymous said...

You know, you would THINK that is someone is willing to pay "several thousand dollars" to kill someone, they'd have enough presence of mind to pay $100 to do a complete background check on the guy. Employers do it all the time. Shit, people run them on their boyfriends and girlfriends for chrissakes. You can do it for your hitman, too.


Anonymous said...

you know what do not ever talk that way to my mom in was a set up not by her by her husband ken