Monday, October 22, 2007

Actually, It's Not Always The Quiet Ones

Los Angeles, CA

Take a look at the guy next to you. The one who looks completely normal. Steady job, seems nice. Fun to hang out with, talk sports. Maybe he's got a wife. Never know he's a killer.

Two examples come to mind, Isaac Campbell, who has been accused of murdering his girlfriend, Liya Lu, and stuffing her into a 50 gallon drum before shuffling off to Minneapolis, and Fire Captain David Del Toro, accused of torturing and murdering Jennifer Flores last August, dragging her body a quarter mile down the street in Eagle Rock and leaving a nice long trail back to his door.

Aside from the gruesome natures of these crimes, there's something else similar that I've noticed about them. So many of the people they know who never had a clue.

I got a comment earlier on this post about Del Toro.
There are similar comments, though not so emphatic on their disbelief, regarding Mr. Campbell.

What I think this commenter may not know is that Captain Del Toro has a history. In 2002, the LAPD investigated allegations of domestic abuse. The investigation report does not paint a pretty picture. Statements from alleged victims Melissa Dale and Monica Gibo are equally, if not more, damning. And then, of course, there's the matter of his arrest in 1997 for trying to put out a cigarette on his wife's face after getting drunk. There's all sorts of fucked up psychology in those reports, and not entirely restricted to Del Toro.

From the 71 comments I got here about Isaac Campbell, it appears he had a temper on him, too. A few seem to think he was completely capable of it, many not so much.

Most of the people we know are acquaintances. Co-workers, service people, friend of a friend. But how many of us really see the dark places that they go?

So, I have to wonder, for all of us who know people only as acquaintances, or co-workers, how many of us really see what they're capable of? Who they are, how they're wired? In this age of Facebook, Myspace, blogs even, where the only picture we have of a person is what they present to us, how can we be sure that we really know anyone?

We have this idea of a psychopath as having crazy eyes, maybe a harelip. Doesn't talk. Carries an axe. Definitely something wrong with them. Point is, you'd know, right?

Actually, no. One of the things about a lot of psychopaths (or sociopaths depending on who you ask) is that they're charming, friendly, intelligent. They come across as perfectly normal and sane.

Until they don't. But you won't always know. And you can't always know. Because they won't show you and because they know how to hide and hide well.

So, take a look at the guy next to you. The one who looks completely normal. Steady job, seems nice. Fun to hang out with, talk sports. Maybe he's got a wife.

Never know he's a killer.


Kerry said...

I'm looking in the mirror, and I am scairt.

Michelle said...

There's a website and blog by some guy who has been diagnosed with narcissistic personality disorder...considered the "worst" kind of narcissism and often goes in hand with psychopathic and sociopathic behavior.

It is fucking scary to read, but interesting. It gives you a tiny window into the minds of some of these people. Of course, being a narcissist, you can never be sure he's telling the truth....

One thing that would strike me as I read it (it has been awhile) is how he would appear to be "admitting" to all these really horrible things, yet the tone of the entries paint him as the victim throughout, and, as you read, you realize how self-serving the whole thing is, yet you just can't stop (if you are interested in psychology, anyway).

Creepy stuff. No blood, murder, etc., (sorry guys) but I see him capable, easily. I can also see people not thinking him capable, if they don't know his history.

Anonymous said...

Haven't seen any real follow-up on this story...isn't the extradition hearing today?????

Waiting... said...

Have'nt seen/heard of any extradition trial yet. PCC news said it was set for today. Maybe something will pop up in the next few days.

fantoche said...

Hey guys how are you doing...i just wanted to encourage you to read Pasadena City College Newspaper tomorrow...actually in like 10 hours where you can be able to read a follow-up story about Isaac Campbell in print, if not...then you will need to wait until friday to read it on the web