Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Done. For A Relative Value of Done

This morning at 6:02am, I typed


I am tired.


inkgrrl said...

But you are Done!

So you can be Done and Tired and later raise a glass of a fine Islay Malt in tribute to Zombie Joe and his continuing adventures.

angie said...

Yay! That's so freakin' awesome! Congrats, dude! (sorry, but this situation definitely calls for some exclamatory overload)

Daniel Hatadi said...

Ah, what a feeling that is. Bask in the fiery glow of it for a couple weeks, man, you deserve it. See that hand coming over the horizon? That's me, patting you on the back.

Stephen Blackmoore said...


But, dude. Hand over the horizon? That's just creepy.

Mike Sperry said...

Congratulations! I'll hoist a couple fingers of Laphroaig in celebration for you.

anne frasier said...

that's fantastic news, stephen!!