Saturday, November 24, 2007

A Holiday Tradition

Los Angeles, CA

Thanksgiving is a time for bonding with family. Or, in some cases, shooting them.

Mario Gutierrez, 37, was shot and killed, allegedly by his brother in law, Thursday night while leaving a family gathering in El Sereno.

The gunman, whose name hasn't been released yet, turned himself in to the police around 2am Friday morning.

For once, people, can we just have a goddamn holiday where we're not trying to fucking kill each other? A time where we can actually be nice to each other? Is that really too much to ask?

Apparently so.


JessicaRiot said...

Thank You
I Love The Way This Is Put =]
My Dad Didnt Deserve What Happened To Him
Alot Of The Reports Information Is Wrong
But I Do Appreciate This =]

Anonymous said...

You apparently haven't met MY inlaws. Or my dad's side of the family, for that matter. I'm surprised we HAVEN'T killed each other yet. Of course, ours would be a complete massacre....of both sides. Good thing we don't have guns, but I could sure see Grandma going after someone with a butter knife while the cousins are beating each other unconscious with turkey legs. And whatever you do, don't let the father-in-law anywhere near the electric knife.

Gawd, I hate holiday gatherings.

amber said...

my brother in law didn't desever to get killed I saw him earlier that day he was so happy to be with my family and having a good time.I love him so much I hope my sis neieces n nephews are okay they just lost my mother. N now this I fucken hate it