Wednesday, November 28, 2007

It's An Honor Just To Be Nominated

Teh Intarwebs

The Spinetingler Awards Shortlist has been announced. Yours truly is on it.

Yeah, I don't get it either. Especially when you read the competition. if I were smart I'd bow out gracefully.

But as I am neither smart, nor graceful, and, as they say, the fat lady's still puttin' on her makeup, I'll stick it for the long haul.

So, here are the rules.
Voting is open. ONE E-MAIL PER PERSON ONLY. You cannot send another vote in, even for a different category – multiple votes from the same sender will not be counted. Take the time to consider your votes carefully. E-mails must be received by December 30, 2007 - authors, if you're putting this in your newsletter make sure you are clear about the deadline for voting. Many recommendations were not considered in the first round because they were sent late.

You may vote for one winner in each category as long as all votes are submitted in one e-mail. Simply state the category and your chosen winner for each of the eight categories. Any votes that contain more than one selection per category may be removed from consideration completely. No ties.

Send your e-mail to with AWARD NOMINATIONS in the subject line. It is not necessary to explain the reason for your vote.
And as a friend of mine once said. Loudly. And drunk. "Hey, I'm a fuckin' nominee."


Lyman said...

Congratulations and let me add a hearty I'm not worthy. We've got some great company in our category. But let me add, as writers we spend so much time beating up on ourselves, take this nomination as a chance to say "fuck, yeah!" Breaking in the New Guy deserves to be where it is. It's a great piece.

David Terrenoire said...

I'd say your friend was an astute and discerning nominee.

Or is that fucking nominee?

And I was not drunk.

Not the whole time.

Oh, and congratulations.

angie said...

Supah congrats, dude!

JD Rhoades said...

Congratulations, Stephen. You want to see what "abandon all hope" means, look at who I'M up against.