Friday, November 09, 2007

Well, He's Just An Excitable Boy

Los Angeles, CA

Timothy McGhee was captured back in February of 2003. Wanted for 12 murders, he was finally convicted last month for three; Ronnie Martin, 25, a gang rival shot 27 times in 1997, Ryan Gonzales, 17, from another gang, in 2000; and Marjorie Mendoza, 25, whose crime seems to have been driving through the wrong neighborhood at the wrong time back in 2001.

He's a winner, our Timmy, ain't he? He also got tagged for four attempted murders. He's been in and out of the can. Really, no one is surprised he's going back.

The only question now has been death or life in prison.

Seems some folks can't decide between the two. The jury deadlocked 10-2 in favor of execution today.
"There were two people who disagreed and who felt there were some redeeming qualities of the defendant that deserves a verdict other than death," Peters said. He cited testimony that McGhee has raised three children and five stepchildren.
Redeeming qualities. I'm sorry, but eight kids doesn't sound like a redeeming quality, it sounds like he can't keep his dick in his pants. And really, does raising eight make up for the three people he murdered? Or just the one he pumped 27 rounds into? Or the one he hit by random happenstance just because?

At the trial his defense attorney said,
"The only question is 'How will he die?' Will his heart be stopped by lethal injection or poison or will he die at his appointed hour?"
The fuck are you talking about?

I think a better question is how his attorney managed to keep him from getting the death penalty right out of the gate. He's going to die at his appointed hour whether it's by lethal injection or a shank in the kidneys. The sooner the better.

Wait. No, I'm being too harsh. If he gets locked up, I'm sure he'll be a model citizen. Just like all those other times he was locked up.
While behind bars, McGhee punched and kicked a guard at the California Youth Authority, incited two riots in jail and was caught possessing a razor blade and other potential weapons, according to the prosecutor.
Well, it was a nice theory.
[Deputy District Attorney Hoon Chun] called McGhee a "man who's shown you that he's dangerous -- out of custody and in custody."

One of McGhee's attorneys, Franklin Peters Jr., countered that the defense had tried to show jurors "the complete Timothy McGhee."

"... Over and over again, you were told that he's a wonderful father ... a wonderful stepfather," Peters said about a number of relatives who gave glowing accounts of McGhee's interactions with the children. "That tells you something about the heart of the man."
Yeah, it tells you he's in good company. Hitler was a big hit with the kids, too.

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