Thursday, December 20, 2007

Abandonment Issues

Anaheim, CA

Seferino Ochoa, 48, didn't want his daughter leaving home. Seriously. He tried handcuffing her and, when that didn't work, he shot her in both legs.
After the shooting, Ochoa fled with the gun, but did not take a vehicle, Martinez said.
Woohoo! Gun wielding, crazy man on foot. That's just fucking wonderful.
According to family members, Ochoa has been acting irrationally, incoherently and was despondent in recent weeks, possibly due to an illness.
And he had access to a firearm. This just gets better and better.

Let's hope he doesn't shoot anyone else, or draw down on a cop and get himself killed.


Steve Allan said...

I think I saw this on a rerun of Ozzie and Harriet.

Anonymous said...

that's my dad you're talking about, maybe you news paper people should shut the fuck up and not talk about him as if he's a crazy person.