Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Dismembered Bodies Redux

Los Angeles, CA

This just gets better and better. The discovery Friday of scattered body parts in Los Feliz led police to Frank Ruiz, 21, a resident of the Western Ferndale Board and Care group home. By "group home" read "nut hatch".

Seems Ruiz, who had actually been arrested for an unrelated parole violation prior to the discovery of the body, killed the man in his room, chopped up the corpse and stuffed most of the pieces into a suitcase and trucked them downstairs, across the street and into the waiting dumpsters.

Key word here is "most".

One police source, speaking on condition of anonymity because the case was still under investigation, said that in addition to the body parts found in the trash bins, human remains were also found in a blender and frying pan in Ruiz's room.
Mmm. Tasty.

Now this has raised a few questions. Why was a parolee living in a group home? He's been there for four weeks after being paroled for armed robbery and possession of a firearm. What's the home's licensing history? There appear to be allegations of trouble, though the group home is keeping mum. Could just by hype and bullshit, but we'll see.

Ultimately, though, none of those questions matter. A psycho is a psycho no matter where he is. The point is that he's been caught. With any luck this will turn out to be the only person he's turned to kibble.


Steven Smyth said...

Mr. Blackmore. May I respectively suggest you keep your attempts of wit in the form of "Mmm. Tasty." and "kibble" (for example) to yourself. I am a relative of Patrick Moore and I do not appreciate your comments. They are in poor taste and badly timed considering the distress of his family at this moment. I would also suggest you re-educate yourself in the use of punctuation in sentences. If you like I'll show you when to use the 'comma' and 'full stop' or 'period' as you might say.

Stephen Blackmoore said...

Thank you for your comments, Mr. Smyth. There are times I realize, often too late, that I go over the top on some of my posts. Thank you for pointing that out.

Anonymous said...

Can I just point out, too late I realize, that you haven't apologised yet Mr. Blackmore?

Anonymous said...

I noticed this too, you had enough to say on the subject to begin with. The least you might do is apologise now that someone is replying on behalf of the family you had no consideration for?
Also, if you're trying to make your name as a journalist, I'd make a plan B. Your attempts at humor, grammer and writting in general leave a lot to be desired Mr. Blackmore.

Anonymous said...

Sorry - I do apoligise, I ment to type 'writing'.
No second 't'.

(That's how it's done Mr. Blackmore)

Anonymous said...

My attention is drawn to the sheer nature of the incident.

I live in the neighborhood (on the same block) and I'm very familiar with the group home. It has never settled well with me. I choose not to walk on that side of Western because of the behavior of some of its residents.
I understand that there must be places for people with these problems to live and interact with the outside world, but to know that there was a man living less than 100 yards from me who was capable of doing what he did is rather unnerving.

My sympathies go out to the family of Patrick Moore, but my overwhelming concerns go out to the faulty system that randomly places dangerous, unstable people into the hearts of functioning residential neighborhoods.

Especially those within an arm's length of a school.

Donald Harlan said...

I am living in this group home. I must say these people running it are a bunch of cocksuckers and contributed greatly to the environment that trigger events such as Patrick Moore's murder. these people are a bunch of greedy lying scum. This begins with the owner Joe, who is so greedy he always refuses services to needy tenants. There is a rampant drug problem at this place, which Joe Samuel is aware of. This is apparently what the muder was about, drugs. The mentally-ill residents were being victimized by the parolees, and the owner with another resident, who is related, endangered the residents. This was the tension that led to such a horrific act. All for greed. The Manager Joanne is a lying sociopath who, if not so old, would be danger herself. I have had numerous confrontations with joanne who often fabricates crimes to get rid of tenants she don't like. It is no suprise that she lies to police on whim. I hink these people are worth investigating and you would find a darker side to what actually occured. You could sure find out about some of the eccentric behavior Board and Care owners commit because of thier High and Mighty attitudes.

Anonymous said...

sorry Steven Smyth, about what happened to you family. Don't be afriad to take these people to the wringers. They will probably try to intimidate you. But, they are not the types that should be running a Board and Care. You should try to find out about how these people really are. maybe ask former tenants about..

Anonymous said...

VLF,Y,I. PATRICK MOORE was victimizing and intimidating FRANK RUIZ, HE DEFENDED his self. But he didnt have to cut him up, or hide the body. that was wrong.