Tuesday, December 18, 2007

You Can't ID The Body If You Can't ID The Pieces

Covina, CA

High speed pursuits are a generally bad idea. Even more so if you're on a motorcycle.

An unidentified biker refused to yield to West Covina police last night for a traffic violation, instead taking the cops on a merry romp through four cities. Police called it after about 10 minutes due to safety concerns. Guy was going too fast for them.

Seems he was going to fast for himself, too.

A helicopter crew witnessed the man traveling southbound on North Azusa Avenue just past Arrow Highway, where he lost control and was ejected from his bike, said Covina police Lt. Tim Doonan.

His body flew into a palm tree, he said, and the man was killed instantly.

Yeah, that'll happen.

Y'all ever seen a motorcycle crash victim? They're messy. Even if they're intact, which usually only happens if they're wearing something like an Aerostitch one piece to hold everything together. And even then Kevlar will only do so much.

They're more likely to get an ID off the bike than the guy at this point. I doubt he's much more than a meaty smear.

Who knows why he was doing something this stupid.  Stolen bike?  Too much testosterone?  Just a fucking moron?  I'm only glad he didn't take anyone else out with him.


darleene said...

Yikes. I know exactly where that is too.

David Terrenoire said...

I used to play poker with a bunch of ER docs. They referred to bikes as "donorcycles."