Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Good Neighbors

Valencia, CA

When I hear "Suburbia" I think Valencia. Tract housing, cul de sacs, pot farms.

A marijuana growing operation being run out of somebody's three car garage was taken down by police yesterday. Sergeant Phil Morris (no, seriously, that's his name) told the Daily News that it was the guy's neighbors what done him in.

Tipped a few weeks ago by residents who had picked up a distinctive scent coming from the house and heard fans working round-the-clock in the garage, sheriff's deputies began their surveillance, Morris said.
Now, did they call the cops because they're fine upstanding citizens, or were they pissed off that they could hear the guy's fans going all night?

See, that's the problem with these operations, and there have been a lot of them the last few years. They don't make good neighbors. If he had shared some of his product, maybe baked some brownies, a batch of fudge, I'm betting he'd still be in business.

Don't take my word for it.

"It's really quality stuff, really good stuff," said Morris.

Hey, if you can't trust a cop, who can you trust?

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John McFetridge said...

Welcome to the nieghbourhood.

These are the ones discovered in 2006 in Toronto - a small percentage of the ones operating.

Here, though, it's much more likely to be organized crime rather than mom and pop in the burbs.