Thursday, January 24, 2008

Mother of The Year

Victorville, CA

On the topic of small children, allow me to point your attention to one Vanessa Woods, 22, and her boyfriend, Reginald Hardin Jr., 24. The young couple are currently in lockup for allegedly torturing Ms Woods' 10-pound, 21-month-old daughter.

The infant is currently in critical condition at Loma Linda University Medical Center suffering from burns to her feet, arms, chest and genitals, as well as a lacerated liver and a distended stomach due to blunt force trauma, said Detective Randy German of the San Bernardino County Sheriff?s Department Victorville station.

Authorities said that there were cigarette burns on her arms and chest, her feet were completely burnt possibly by putting the child?s feet in scalding water, and the burns on her genitals were "consistent with being burned with a curling iron."

The couple was arrested at Desert Valley Hospital where Ms Woods took the child after she started vomiting blood. Police later obtained search warrants for their room at the local Econolodge where they found bloodstains that are being analyzed for DNA to see whose it is.

Jesus. Who do you have to be to do that to a child?

It's sad and disturbing to see the culmination of the train wrecks that people make of their lives. How fucked up have things been for them that it has all led to this moment? What horrendous decisions did they and the people around them make to bring them here?

Bad luck?  Just stupid?

When Hardin arrived at the hospital, he apparently did so in a stolen car, and he and Woods were arrested on suspicion of possession of stolen property as well as torture and child abuse, officials said.
I'm leaning toward stupid.


Graham Powell said...

You know, I used to believe in due process for everyone, no matter how heinous their crime or how obvious their guilt, but lately I'm leaning towards my wife's solution: take 'em out back and shoot 'em in the head.

pattinase (abbott) said...

Except you wonder what they went through to put them in this place. You wonder what their IQ is? After you have answers to these questions: take'em out back and shoot 'em in the head.

Michelle said...

I'm apalled at you two. Haven't you heard of "reduce, recycle, reuse"? Shit. Use them for medical experiments. Rub soap in their eyes, inject them with new drugs to see how they react, hold hot curling irons to their genitals to make sure you really DO need to put a label on it for the rest of the stupid people that says "do not use to curl pubic hair". Then, when they aren't useful for that anymore, take 'em out back and shoot 'em, but make sure you then grind them up to make organic fertilizer.

Stephen Blackmoore said...

How about we grind them up then shoot 'em?

Baby Girl said...

I agree with all four of your comments. I hope these two rot in hell... and I hope hell for them is a curling iron stuck up their ass. Because that's one of the things the newspaper said happened to this baby. She has a cauterized anus, consistent with a curling iron stuck up her little rear, and she is in Loma Linda, where she is now a proud owner of a colostomy bag. At 21 months old.

Anonymous said...

You know, I personally knew this woman before she had her baby. I am definitely not surprised. When I first met Vanessa, she lived with her mother Sharon on Brighton Way near Vermont in Los Angeles, California. It was obvious that their household was a dysfunctional one. Various children and Adults, their boyfriends and friends would frequently inhabit their low income apartment. She would allow her boyfriend's married friends to meet her underage friends for sex, even though she knew their wives. Her mother, a former teen mother, would allow all the traffic, weed smoking and drinking to take place in her home, around the children. The baby's father, Michael Mata lived there at a time. He has since moved on. I do know that there is better news; Nala is doing much better and WILL survive. (Thank God!). Michael and his Father visit weekly and steps are being taken for him to gain sole custody.(This woman learned from her own Mother's example). As for both Vanessa and Sharon....Some women should NEVER have children!

Anonymous said...

I used to hangout with vanessa woods on a regual basis. I even met her boyfriend. I had a really eary feeling about him and he also has a reputation of getting other women pregant and just leaving them. But I was really astonished when I heard about this, and yet very upset. Yes, Woods didn't have the perfect life and who doesn't. She also went threw a great amount of trama in her life and she just didn't have the right influences in her life to help her and pull her out of her shit hole. She apparently got a horrible boyfriend who gave her all the drugs she wanted. Therefore went insaine and was wrapped around his finger. He should be sentenced life in prison and Woods should be locked up in a mental ward. Her friendship meant a lot to me and Nala was such a beautiful child. I admired Woods friendship and I can honestly say I loved her because she helped me with so much in my life. All I can say is god bless the both of them. They will always be in my thoughts and prayers.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous at 5:24. Please, please stop making excuses for her. Her Mother was a low life as Vanessa grew up to be. You reap what you sow. Drugs or no drugs she is a poor excuse for a human being. You can grow up with difficulties in your life and still be a good person. She chose that man for her boyfriend. She was not forced. God will deal with them both. You see they both got life in prison... Now keep that in your prayers.
(I bet I know just which one of her hoeish friends you are too.)
You should feel embarrassed for sympathizing! There is simply no excuse. NONE WHAT SO EVER!

Anonymous said...

An eye, for an eye!!!! Their punishment should be exactly what they did to that little angel!! To anonymous, there is absolutely no excuse for what they did, and shame on you for even thinking that there is justification for her actions!! That could have been your child. I can't believe the ignorance in the world! We need to make the punishment for these crimes against children so very severe, that no one would ever think to commit them.