Thursday, January 03, 2008

Phrase Of The Year: "Possibly Gang Related"

Los Angeles, CA

Last year's word of the year, according to Merriam Webster, was w00t. I'm sorry, but when leet speak crawls into the English language we might as well just give up. I mean, seriously, WTF?

Well, dictionaries aren't the only ones to make shit up. Over here at L.A. Noir, after exhaustive research (I looked at half a dozen posts and made wild leaps of logic - and really, I was exhausted afterward - *rimshot* - thank you, thank you, I'm here all week, please tip your waitress) the L.A. Noir Super Secret Language Team (Me after a couple of sidecars and a pizza) have determined that last year's most frequently used phrase was (there's a hint above if you can't stand the suspense) "Possibly Gang Related".

The word of the year was, of course, "cocksucker", but that's based more on how often I scream it out the window driving down PCH at the end of the day.

Anyway, it's looking like 2008 might be getting set to make that phrase an annual tradition.

Jason Grey, a 29-year-old Latino man, holds the unfortunate distinction of being the first Los Angeles homicide of 2008. He was shot to death at Forest Lawn Memorial Park cemetery in Glendale in what is being described as, you guessed it, "possibly gang related".

Yeah, what isn't in this town?


Mad Science said...

No comment on the irony of being killed in a cemetery?

That's ironic, right?

Apparently Drew St. (right next door) is super shady.

Stephen Blackmoore said...

Oh, I thought about it, but I am above such cheap and easy jokes...

No, wait a minute. I'm above classy and witty banter.

Damn. Another missed opportunity.

darleene said...

That's your most frequently used phrase? I can think of so much more, just give me time.