Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Thank God That's Over

2007 blew monkey chunks.  Seriously.  Yeah, there were some good things, especially on the writing front, but all I can muster for the last year is an overwhelming sense of relief that it's over.  Too many doctors, too many freakouts, not enough sleep.

I'm looking forward to 2008.  January is, as my wife put it, batting cleanup.  This is the month to shake off the final lingering crap that hangs on to you like that drunk girl at the party who puked all over your shoes and wonders why you don't call her anymore.

I'm finishing edits on the book this week.  Not that it doesn't necessarily suck (I honestly can't tell anymore), but that it's at least at a point where I can have some trusted advisors tell me whether or not I should just burn it and start over.  I either end it and sell it this year, or it goes into the drawer and I work on the next one.

I've got more stories coming out this year.  At least two in the can and a few more floating out there to see if anyone bites.  Got a couple more to finish.  One of these days maybe I'll make some money off them.

And there's another writing project that I can't really talk about yet, because it's only potential.  Edging closer to reality, but we'll see if it  goes anywhere.  I've already had my freak out over it, so I'm done with the hard part.

How about y'all?  Looking forward to 2008?  Hopeful that a new year will bring good things?  I am. 

So to everyone, have a wonderful new year.  May it be full of victories.


pattinase (abbott) said...

Here's to a great year for all of us.

Christa M. Miller said...

I'm really glad to hear that things are looking up for you. I hope the trend continues, and I'm looking forward to your draft, if you still want to send it my way.

I'm likewise hopeful, but not holding my breath. Oxygen deprivation, it turns out, isn't so good for the writing.

Lyman said...

All the best for 2008. I think it's going to prove to be a very interesting year!

darleene said...

I second your sentiment. Thank God 2007 has gone.

angie said...

I am so fucking glad 2007 is over. I seriously can't take another like it. Hear that 2008? Better be a good 'un or there'll be some serious consequences...

Congrats on finishing up ZJ, btw. That's totally awesome!

anne frasier said...

2007 DID suck. 7 just looked fishy to me from day one. what can you expect from a number that's shaped like gallows? now 8. that's a closed, nicely-shaped number with no sharp things. a year of no ugly sharp things. that's what i'm looking forward to.

Daniel Hatadi said...

Damn. I don't know anyone that could call 2007 an especially great year.

Now 8, that's a magical number, that is.

What Patti said.