Tuesday, March 04, 2008

A Man's House Is Not His Castle

Claremont, CA

There's a big difference between a two-story, four-bedroom house from 1965 and a multi-towered, concentric castle built by angry Welshmen. One will handle a siege against troops, and battering rams. The other won't.

A man shot his wife in the chest and then barricaded himself in his home along with his elderly mother at 885 Baseline Road in Claremont this morning. Police evacuated the neighborhood and managed to get the mother out. The man's wife is in the hospital in stable condition.

I doubt this will last too long. After all, once the flashbangs and teargas come out it's pretty much over.

Is it my imagination or have there been a lot of home barricades after family shootings, lately? Or am I mixing that up with the rash of family murder-suicides we've been having?

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