Thursday, March 27, 2008

One Goes Out, Another Comes In

Los Angeles, CA

The LAPD's list of the 10 Most Wanted gang members is sort of like the Billboard Top 40, but for, you know, street thugs. When one falls off the charts, usually by being thrown into jail instead of to wild dogs like pop stars are, there's always another one waiting in the wings to take their place.

And so, as is the way of the Circle of Life, or whatever the hell those hippies are calling it these days, we have a new slot to be filled with the arrest of Soperry Chea, who was wanted for the stabbing to death of Harry Yang at a Buddhist temple in 2005.

Dude. Don't go killing church folk. Seriously, that's bad karma. Or something.

Anyway, with Mr. Chea out of the way, we have a new addition to the list, Gildardo "Shaggy" Pena of the Toonerville gang. Five-foot-eleven, 176 pounds, black hair, brown eyes. Face like a squashed melon. Wanted for the shooting death of Donald Nelson in 2005.

Congratulations, Shaggy! Hope your stay on the list is a short one.

1 comment:

Michelle said...

I accidentally ran over a squirrel in front of a Buddhist temple way back in 2003, and I'm STILL dealing with the karma. And it was an ACCIDENT.

This guy is seriously fucked. Or will be.