Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Sympathy (Cards) For The Devil

Los Angeles, CA

Now this is what I call a niche market.

Three Squares Greetings specializes in platitudes for the incarcerated. Greeting cards for the jailed. For example:
Merry Christmas
You had the choice to be “naughty or nice.” And you chose . . .
Well, at least they're honest.

This is definitely untapped territory. Lots of room for growth. And they should hire me. I could really class up the joint.

Remember in college when you said you'd drink anything?
Well, now's your chance! Have a glass of Pruno on me!


Thanks for the shiv!
My man's inside to return the favor.


They said 16 would get you 20.
They meant it.

As your day grows near, and hope may barely linger
Hope your last day in the chair's a real zinger!

Hey, they can't all be gems.

1 comment:

Midtown Miscreant said...

You learned your lesson, at least that's our hope.
Now here is some advice,
Soap on a rope!!