Friday, April 18, 2008

Drive By Tagging

Oh. It's that time again, is it?

The inimitable (trust me on this, I've tried - I just can't do that Matlock Country Lawyer twang) J.D. Rhoades, he of the excellent and wonderfully violent Jack Keller series, has tagged me with that whole "meme" thing. You know, the one where you're supposed to reveal a few unusual facts about yourself?

Well, I'm dull and uninteresting, so this might take a while.

1. I have this habit of forgetting about inconsequential events. Thing is, my definition of "inconsequential" encompasses things like car accidents, assaults and hospital visits. This is why my wife doesn't believe me when I tell her nothing important happened during my day.

2. I am descended from Hawai'ian royalty. That and a hula skirt might get me a job as a tour bus operator on the Big Island. Maybe.

3. The Methodists kicked my family out of their church. I have no idea why. I mean, seriously, what do you have to do to piss off the Methodists?

4. I am an atheist. Now that I think about it, that might have had something to do with #3.

5. When someone hands you a loooong match and tells you to light a biiiig pile of gunpowder, take the hint and stand back. Just sayin'.

6. I am almost completely deaf in my right ear. This and number 5 are, oddly enough, unrelated.

7. My first car was an aqua green Honda Accord CVCC that would periodically catch fire. Fun on the freeway. People really like to get out of your way when you're on fire for some reason.

8. I was born on Guy Fawkes Day. I find it much easier to celebrate the foiled attempt to bring down an entire government than I do my actual birthday. Imagine how screwed up I'd be if I'd been born on Groundhog Day.

And so, in the spirit of communicable diseases, I pass this along to my buddy David Terrenoire.


Bill Cameron said...

My third car was a '66 Beetle that caught fire on a regular basis, but since it was a Beetle I just pulled over, smothered the fire out with a towel, added another layer of duct tape, and continue on my way.

inkgrrl said...

Ohnoes! Now you've given away almost all your big secrets!

Bill, my (insert random ordinal) car was a '73 Beetle that had custom Flintstones air conditioning and a rear bumper that had been knocked just out of true enough to snag other bumpers when I parallel parked. Ain't they grand cars?

Mike Sperry said...

My first car was a black 1974 Toyota Corolla (aka "The Black Bomb").
I had installed an oil pressure gauge, but failed to tighten the the little nut-dealie that attached the plastic hose to the engine block. So all the oil drained out on my way to work one day. The engine didn't like that, and responded with a high pitched screaming sound.
The engine locked up after that. I managed to get it broken free, but it ran a bit rough after that.
Later, the wiring I'd installed for the battery voltage gauge (same set of gauges) somehow got overheaded, melted and started an engine compartment fire.
Foolishly I tried patting the fire out with tissues. That doesn't work very well, I found.
That car lasted a couple more years until I moved from El Segundo up to Monterey. Toyota made some damned tough vehicles.

Bill Cameron said...

Flintstones air conditioning, brilliant!

Oh, I do miss my Beetle. Grand cars indeed!