Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Keanu Kills

El Segundo, CA

Did you know that movie theaters sometimes contract out to local police departments for added security? Jonathan Belvin Taylor, 24, apparently didn't. He does now. Or he would if he weren't dead.

Mr. Taylor was out at the Pacific Theater in El Segundo last Friday night with some friends to see Street Kings, a cop drama with Keanu Reeves and written by James Ellroy. That's a tragedy in and of itself. Ellroy linked to Keanu Reeves. Jesus.

So, anyway, maybe he didn't like Keanu, or maybe he didn't like Ellroy. Whatever it was, he demanded a refund. Only he didn't have his ticket stub on him, so they wouldn't give it to him. Mr. Taylor became distraught, noisy. So, the aforementioned police presence, Detective Scott O'Connor and Lt. Raymond Garcia, decided to check him out.

And that's when Mr. Taylor, a parolee with multiple weapons related convictions, opened fire, striking both officers - one in the jaw and the other in the chest. They're pretty fucked up, particularly Lt.Garcia, who was struck in the jaw, but should survive.

Their return shots, fired as Belvin was running out the door, killed him.

And to think, if Street Kings had been a better movie, all this might not have happened.


pattinase (abbott) said...

We actually have cops right in the theater here.

Anonymous said...

Bad movies can kill. I've always suspected it, but now we know.

Anonymous said...

good riddance.
social darwinism is a beautiful thing.

Mike Sperry said...
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Mike Sperry said...

Wow, that sucks. The last thing the guy sees before dying is a Keanu Reeves movie.

I wonder if, as his spirit stood over his cooling corpse, the skeletal hand of Death on his shoulder urging him to move onto the Afterlife, his final thought was "Whoa!"

And I thought I was glad to move out of El Segundo before!

kerry said...

At least he didn't start shooting inside the theater.