Monday, April 21, 2008

They'll Start Shooting Babies Next

Compton, CA

Compton's got a bad reputation. Not saying some of it isn't deserved, but let's be honest, it's not like they're killing cripples outside of churches or anything.

Yeah. It's come down to that. Two men, one in a wheelchair, the other pushing him along, were gunned down yesterday outside of a church on Alameda.

According to the locals the two men weren't members of a gang. But considering how gang violence has a tendency to spill over to innocent bystanders, this could still very well be gang related. No suspects, yet.

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bejar03 said...

listen who ever you are calling that man a crippled dosent make you any better than the killers ...the man in the wheelchair was my cousin david gallegos, and his friend rigoberto vega and you talking like that about david well like i said dosent make you ANY better ...i just wanted to make that clear ...he was physically disabled not a crippled ..think about what yyou are going to say before you say it..!!!!