Monday, June 09, 2008

Now That Takes Skill

North Hills, CA

Shooting a person is easy. You point the gun at them and you pull the trigger. Any idiot can do it. But it takes an extraordinary idiot to shoot your own finger.

A suspect was picked up on Sunday in the shooting death of a man in a North Hills parking lot. At the station police noticed that he had shot himself in the finger.

How do you do that? Seriously. And how do you get "shot in the finger", as opposed to "shooting off the finger". I mean, how big are this guy's fingers?

And according to the paper, "His condition was not available." Really? You can't infer? How about "Stupid"?


Ana Blackburn said...

Amazing. This brings up all kinds of questions. What was he using - a .22? a BB gun? Does he have really, really big fingers? Will he ever be able to look at himself in the mirror again...?

Michelle said...

He must have been framing the shot.