Thursday, July 24, 2008

Anger, Vengeance And The Peach Queen

Banning, CA

The city of Banning likes peaches. So much so that they have a Peach Queen, a beauty contest winner who gets to represent the city and its peaches. Some people, apparently, don't like the Peach Queen. And on July 11th, they cut her.

According to reports, Shanice Wilson, 20, who was crowned Banning's Peach Queen in 2005, said some flirtatious remark that angered three other women, Labrea Clayonda Steward, 27, Erica Michelle Bastidas, 21, and Azia Jene Aldred, 24.

What followed was a pretty typical girlfight, which is to say vicious, hyper-violent and full of that pure crystalline rage that only women seem to be capable of. Some time during the pummeling Wilson passed out, only to wake up and find that her face had been sliced apart with a razor blade.

One cut along her back took 32 staples, but the ones on her face were too deep to close up that easily. One of the women was heard saying, "Now every time she sees her face in the mirror, she will remember me," as they walked away.

The last of the three women, Azia Aldred, was arrested yesterday. The other two were taken into custody last Thursday and Saturday.

Why'd they do it? I mean why'd they really do it? Is it just one more example of a stray remark and rage going wildly out of control? Is it jealousy? Did this woman threaten their carefully scripted social order? Shit like this doesn't happen "just because". There's always a reason. A trivial, psycho, meaningless reason, maybe, but it's still a reason.

I just can't see how any reason could be good enough to do it.


angie said...

I'd be willing to bet it happened exactly for the reason stated. Is there a history of crap between the 4 women? Probably. Welcome to the wonderful world of transgressive behavior with no thought of actual consequences beyond the rush of adrenaline. Girls (and women) are way, way more vicious with minimal provocation than boys or men. Seriously. Ask anyone who's worked with juveniles & they'll tell you girls are much more violent and flat out mean than boys. A boy will beat the shit out of someone, but a girl will massively fuck up a perceived enemy on more than just the physical front (notice the 'every time she sees her face in the mirror' remark). I'm just sayin...

Michelle said...

A friend of mine who breeds dogs once said that male dogs ALWAYS respect a female, because, as she put it, "Dogs fight for dominance, bitches fight to kill." I think that rule certainly crosses species boundaries.

Anonymous said...

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