Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Breaking News For Breaking Cover

Somewhere In The Sultry Back Roads Of North Carolina

Author J.D. Rhoades' new novel, Breaking Cover, is out today.

He was the most talented undercover agent in FBI history, until he dropped completely off the grid, and hasn't been heard from in years. Did he go native, or was he discovered and killed? When Tony Wolf is finally driven out into the open, torn from deep cover during the rescue of two kidnapped children, he becomes the number one target of both the vicious biker gang he double-crossed and a massive Federal manhunt.

But Tony?s tired of being the hunted, and as both the gang and a traitorous FBI agent converge on a small southern town, they?re all about to learn a hard lesson: When the Wolf breaks cover, he doesn?t always run away.

Sometimes he comes straight at your throat.

Damn. And if that doesn't grab you, check out Dusty reading the first chapter here.

You hear that voice? Boy's got some talent there. Give, oh I dunno, James Earl Jones a run for his money, maybe.

Yeah. Shoulda been Darth Vader or somethin'. That Southern drawl saying, "No, Luke, I'm your pa. Shoot, you an' me, we could run this here galaxy. It'll be a hoot."

I'd pay money to see that.

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JD Rhoades said...

HA! Thanks for the shout out, Stephen.