Monday, July 14, 2008

This Is Why Pushpins Were Made

Torrance, CA

Drug investigations are rough. Not just in terms of the long nights, and the hard work, but also in terms of just keeping all your houses straight.

Torrance police recently concluded an 18-month investigation into the South Bay dug trade hitting several distribution routes and arresting over 200 people. "Operation Accountability" they're calling it. Should be "Operation Visio". I swear I need a map and a flowchart just to keep track.

Here's a high level list of the network. The article goes into a lot more detail, stopping just short of giving us actual addresses. This thing was huge and organized. Locations cross over between routes, too. Some of the same places show up throughout different routes. Nice to see such a large disruption of the trade.

Here's a high level:

  • A West Torrance route allegedly run by Downey resident Noe Martinez, 33, received methamphetamine from Mexico through an importer in Riverside and delivered it to lower level dealers in the South Bay.
  • A downtown Torrance route brought Mexican methamphetamine into Wilmington for distribution in the Harbor Area and to Torrance's La Rana Street gang and its spinoff Wicked Riders for sales to addicts in Torrance.
  • A downtown Torrance route that brought Mexican methamphetamine to an alleged importer identified as Steve Grageda, 39, of San Pedro and to a suspected "crash pad" in the 2300 block of Apple Avenue, four other Torrance addresses and locations in Lomita, Harbor Gateway and Carson.
  • A south Torrance route that brought Mexican methamphetamine to the Wilmington residence of alleged regional distributor Julio Cesar Angel, 23, suspected of supplying the drug to addresses in the 2800 and 3200 blocks of Winlock Road in Torrance.
  • A west and north Torrance route that brought methamphetamine from Sinaloa, Mexico, delivered it to distributors at two locations in Paramount and distributed it to alleged supplier Mirco Rodriguez, 39, through locations in Bellflower and Lawndale.

The final tally?

  • Total arrests: 208
  • Search warrants served: 83
  • Parole and probation searches: 42
  • Felons facing deportation: 14
  • Kids removed from drug trafficking homes: 15
  • Narcotics seizures: 118
  • Pounds of meth worth $1.1 million: 15
  • Heroin found, worth $9,120: 1/4 lb.
  • Pounds of cocaine found, worth $1.9 million: 52
  • Pounds of marijuana found, worth $456,000: 40
  • Marijuana plants from indoor growers: 65

Damn. Folks, y'all need a vacation after pulling in that haul. Good on ya.

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AKDirtyHeaven said...

Man that is totally massive how they pulled that off! Theres a book I read called Power of the Dog that talks a lot about Sinaloa and how it played a big role during different decades in both crack and heroin. What sucks is that it kind of makes it look like since they passed the Combat Meth part of the Patriot Act now the suppliers arent making it here but grabbing even bigger loads of it from mexico. Just nasty but amazing job of getting that many people at once!!