Thursday, July 17, 2008

You Might Want To Work On Those Screening Tests

Santa Ana, CA

I went to school with this guy who Had A Plan. Graduate with honors, go on to law school, join the FBI. Was on his way, too. Until he hit their psych tests. Whole thing disintegrated right there.

So, it makes me wonder, how did this guy get in?

Vo Duong Tran, a former FBI agent out of Chicago, was picked up in Fountain Valley after driving cross-country to rob a drug house in Orange County. Allegedly, which is a word I use to fool people into thinking that what I do here is journalism.

He's had a rocky history with the Bureau. Hired in '92, suspended for bribing a Vietnamese official nine years later, fired in '03 after being charged for impersonating a peace officer while he was suspended, indicted in '04 on weapons charges, though all charges were dropped after the courts ruled that evidence seized at his apartment was inadmissible.

Almost seems like the Feds don't much like this man.

Anyway, the Fibbies conducted an 18-month investigation, saying that they've got him on tape conspiring to commit murder for hire and home invasion robberies.

Now the FBI doesn't look like they've handled this guy very well in the past. Trying to push in inadmissible evidence is sloppy work. I also have to wonder about their informant, who they've admitted to paying. Yeah, that stuff never comes back to bit you in the ass.

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pattinase (abbott) said...

We were interviewed once when a friend's son applied. Based on the questions they asked I can imagine a few problems might crop up.