Friday, August 01, 2008

The Question Isn't Who Shot, But Who Didn't

Woodland Hills, CA

Three armed people broke into a home in Woodland Hills this afternoon. Only two of them walked out.

Seems the residents were exercising their rights to bear arms, killing one of the intruders and causing the others to flee.
...there apparently were four people inside the home and officers were trying to determine how many of them fired at the intruders.
Looks like they picked the wrong mark. Just imagine if we were all packing. Wonder how many home intruders we'd have then.

Remember kids, an armed society is a polite society.


Anonymous said...

You'd have just as many, but with much better armed suspects who are much more willing to shoot the homeowners.

Gerard said...

You're right Mr. Anonymous. Better to live by luck than defend yourself.

Anonymous said...

I was working LAPD Comm. Div. back in the mid-80's. I was working the Complaint Board (911) when a woman from N. HWD called to tell me "I just shot a burglar!". OK, Code 3 call. Units get there, call for Rescue Ambulance to declare the perp. Unit writes me an MDT message later: "Housewife's anti-burglary kit: .45 auto. Gotta love an armed citizenry!"


David Terrenoire said...

Gotta love a 1911 security system.

Michelle said...

Hell, I prefer teeth. No need for target practice. Years ago I got home late, got to bed around 1:30am. At 1:40, my dog jumped off the bed barking like a maniac. I told her to shut up and went back to sleep. Next morning went downstairs. Not dog, but a shitload of blood in the kitchen leading out the back door. Opened the door (which now sported a picked/broken lock), and there sat dog with the BIGGEST grin...and a trail of blood going down the street and ending at a curb...I assume where a car was parked. GOOD DOGGIE.

BTW...she was around 40 lbs. I got a 100 pounder now. Anyone wanna play? He certainly kept the meth head and his buddies who used to live across the street at bay.