Tuesday, September 09, 2008

One Less Thing To Fight Over

Covina, CA

Let's clear one thing up right now. Men are stupid. Period. For example, when faced with the prospect of, say, divorce a man will naturally attempt some empty, asinine, stupid gesture. Ranting, screaming, blowing up the house in a misguided attempt at suicide.

Police got a call from Charter Oak Hospital yesterday morning saying that one Daniel Banuelos, 38, who has been residing in a sober living facility after his wife got a restraining order against him, was suicidal and planning on blowing up their house.

Seems he'd already turned the gas on. So when police and fire got there they evacced the surrounding houses, shut off the gas and tried to contact him by phone.

He didn't answer, but the house did. With a 20 foot fireball.

Banuelos was found in the detached garage with second degree burns and promptly arrested on charges of arson. Thankfully, he called his wife earlier and told her not to bring the kids home and no one besides him was hurt.

On the plus side that restraining order will be a lot easier to enforce when he's in jail.


Patrick Shawn Bagley said...

Those burns might slow him down for a few days, too.

Stephen Blackmoore said...

Oh, I don't know. Never underestimate the power of stupidity.

Nanette Banuelos said...

Because of course, you, yourself have a perfect life and can sit in judgement on everyone else. I hope that you or anyone you love, ever have endure what our family has gone through in the last few days. Thanks for being so sensitive.

Anonymous said...

Correction. I hope you NEVER!!!! have to endure what he and we are going through.

In addition...

95% of what was reported by Mr. Day at the Tribune in the article...the same article that you are basing your information on is FALSE!!! Of course, they (and you) DID get his name and age right, the city he lives in and yes, that is his house too. No one knows what happened that morning, only he does and until he wakes up and tells us, it's only speculation. You really should check the information you are commenting on before making such snide comments.

Just thought that you should know that not only are you insensitive, your information is incorrect. Well, I guess YOU said it best..."Never underestimate the power of stupidity".

Have a great day :)