Monday, October 06, 2008

Digging For The Dead

Moorpark, CA

So they started digging this morning at the southbound Tierra Rejada offramp of the 23 freeway in the hopes of finding the remains of Roger Madison who disappeared 40 years ago. The L.A. Weekly has a write up of the scene and a slideshow of the site.

So far not much to report. They've got cadaver dogs, ground penetrating radar and the bulldozers have stripped some topsoil. Police have started sifting through what they've got but it could take some time before they find anything. If there's anything to find.

Ultimately, even if they come up with nothing I can't think this is wasted effort. These crimes are forty years gone, their perpetrator, to most of us, little more than a Wikipedia entry or a bad memory.

But there are questions still to answer and it's good that we have people who are still asking.

*Hat tip to Erin Broadley over at the Weekly for bouncing this over to me.

**Update - Yeah, I just noticed the last post I did referred to Tommy Bowman. My mistake.

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Mystery Dawg said...

YEah, this is all happening less than a mile from my house. Sort of surreal. Who said Moorpark was a sleepy, bedroom community?