Tuesday, October 21, 2008

This Is Why CSI Is Horseshit

Los Angeles, CA


That's the number of backlogged rape kits in the city of Los Angeles that haven't been processed. No one's cracked them open, looked at them under a microscope, and come up with a startlingly accurate recreation using 3-D graphics and advanced holography that not only profiles the suspect, but finds, tries and gets a stunning courtroom confession from him in 22 minutes in between ads for Cialis.

Of these 7,038 rape kits sitting in the freezer like Aunt Hildy's fruitcake, 5,694 have been there for more than two years without notification being sent to the victims that nothing's been done. Which sort of breaks California law.

And, like Aunt Hildy's fruitcake, 217 have been there longer than the 10-year statute of limitations. That's right. Over 200 of these things went in when Clinton was still President. And the rapists walk away scot-free.

Excuses? None. Reasons? Lots. None of them good.

The big one is that not enough people thought this was important enough to fund adequately. There are only 30 criminalists and 13 lab technicians going over this stuff. Considering the priorities of the LAPD I'm actually kind of surprised they have that many. Lab techs don't carry guns and put people into chokeholds, after all.

Which leads us to the matter of money. The LAPD has been hitting up the city for more cash for law enforcement. I'm okay with that, actually. What I have some trouble with is this:

The Department of Justice has dropped $4 million on the city since 2004 specifically to test these things. Now stuff is expensive and $4 million over 4 years really isn't that much. It's not going to cover salaries, building maintenance, lab equipment, consumables, power, etc. for a year, much less 4.

However, the DOJ cut the budget to the city in half, $498,000.00, in 2008 because the city DIDN'T SPEND IT.

The Federal government gave you a check for a million bucks and you couldn't figure out what to do with half of it? Excuse me? How do you not spend half a million dollars? In Los Angeles? That's the Council's fucking Starbucks budget for three months.

That's a travesty. And travesty isn't a word I use often.

Mostly because I keep mixing it up with transvestite.

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That's bad. Real, real bad.