Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Hammett In L.A.

Los Angeles, CA

When I think of Dashiell Hammett I think of San Francisco, fog shrouded nights, mysterious black birds. But he spent a good portion of his life in the sunshine here in the City of The Angels.

On November 22nd, the Zocalo lecture series is hosting a talk at Barnsdall Gallery Theatre on Hammet's life in Los Angeles where he slaved away for MGM and met his lifelong companion Lillian Hellman. From the press release:

Zócalo and the Department of Cultural Affairs bring together a panel of writers, family members, and scholars to culminate L.A.’s month-long celebration of this great California novelist. Among the mysteries and questions sure to crop up are: Why did Hammett fall creatively silent for the last three decades of his life? How did he influence the L.A. Noir scene? And the ultimate, unanswerable question: Hammett or Chandler?
Oooh. That last one's gonna be a toughie.


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